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Self-esteem is a term used to describe a person's overall sense of self-worth, personal value, and respect for self. Self-esteem manifests itself on a continuum of sorts, ranging from high to low, and anywhere in between. People on the low end of the continuum often do not feel confident about their abilities, and may experience self-doubt, negative self-talk, shame, anger, and social isolation.

Self-esteem is learned in early in childhood and is shaped by our experiences and relationships to others such as our parents, and positive reinforcement for accomplishments. In adulthood, even a well-developed sense of self-esteem can be challenged by negative or traumatic life experiences.

Low self-esteem may be associated with depression, anxiety, co-dependency, and self-harm. Psychotherapy is shown to be an effective tool in help address low self-esteem.

At Healthwise, our team uses a variety of therapeutic tools to help people gain a stronger sense of self worth, confidence, and assertiveness. These include, but are not limited to:

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Our mind-body studio brings an innovative approach to healthcare. One that welcomes an exploration of other complimentary modalities for improving emotional health and well-being.

As we recognize that for some "getting out of our head" can be a challenge we also understand doing just that can help us to make that vital connection with ourselves. A connection that can often result in creating the real and deep changes we crave.

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